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  • We provide safety

    high quality, accuracy, rapid, objectiveness, fairness and neutrality in professional services.

  • HerbioTEST

    has a sophisticated array of test equipment and seasoned team of experts to provide scientific and professional testing service.

  • HerbioINSPECT

    helps client to establish a monitoring program for “risk management” and “prevent in advance”.

  • HerbioCERT

    provides professional certification service and make your products more appealing to customers.

  • HerbioR&D

    team provides customized R&D programs andimproves the success rate of commodification for the development of botanical drugs or health foods.

  • HerbioCONS

    as a strong and professional team of consultants to help companies accelerating the development progress of new products.



Herbiotek Co., Ltd. integrates the 70 plus years of Chinese herbal research and development from Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Brion Reasearch Institue of Taiwan. Herbiotek establishes technology platform inspection in both manufacturing and quality control, performs laboratory management and certification experience, and also familiarizes with the advanced countries botanical drug regulations / pharmacopoeia inspection standards. Herbiotek establishes abundant Chinese herbal medicine research and quality control database. It also provides the manufacturing of professional Chinese herbal medicine/ascertains nutriment tests and certification services. Being the independent third-party testing and research service structure is our main purpose.